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Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing has long been considered a fantastic performance-based marketing tool that helps people like you make money. The concept is simple – you bring in new businesses to be listed on the Wanderlust Travel’s site and you make money. Really. It’s that easy.

There’s a number of benefits to joining our affiliate marketing program, which we’ll get to shortly, but we believe the best part is helping build and connect a fantastic community of travellers and businesses. The feeling of being part of such a unique and incredible team is a reward in and of itself. But money is nice too. Which is why we offer a great 30% commission on every business listing you sign.  Unlike other affiliate programs, you have an opportunity to make a substantial amount of money by assisting in the growth of our business.  

Depending on your commitment level to the program, it’s likely that you can add at least a few hundred dollars of additional income every single month.

Aside from offering superior payouts, we also provide training and support to help you succeed as an affiliate marketer. Upon signing up, you’ll receive access to our affiliate portal where you will be able to generate your own unique links, access a robust portfolio marketing materials that include things like banners, logos, deep links, and content ideas, as well as track your listings and commissions. We encourage all affiliate marketers to learn about our company and services, as better knowledge of our company almost always leads to more sales. Furthermore, you’ll receive an account manager on day 1 who is there to assist you and ensure that you are set on a path towards success. Should anything come up, you can expect our team to get in touch in a timely manner, allowing you to get back to making money. As you begin making sales, our comprehensive affiliate dashboard platform will keep track of your performance in a simple, organised manner.

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or are an industry veteran, we are certain that you’ll love our uniquely designed program. We offer a real opportunity to make money, help you along every step of the way, and as an added bonus, you get to join an amazing community of wanderlust explorers. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

What we offer

30% Commission

Generous 30% commissions. Weekly payments & no minimum payout - We pay commissions weekly and even if you made only one sale. Short withhold period - Only 30 days after the sale commission is good to go!

Real time Tracking

Our affiliate area has simple navigation, all the tools you need and allows you to keep an easy track of your performance: - Keep track of sales and commissions - Examine payments history - Create and compare different campaigns

Marketing Materials

We've made your first affiliate step easy: just choose a banner from our great collection and place it on your site. However, the more you know about our service and company, the better you will be able to convert. That is why we go way beyond banners!

Affiliate Assistance

We help you get set up, provide all materials and support for day-to-day issues and general strategic advice.


Before I start

Our goal is to build a travel business directory – translated, a directory of businesses that travellers need to know! So bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, hostels, tour suppliers and operators, nightlife and entertainment places and drivers are a good place to start.  Refer to:

There is no sign up or start up fees to join our affiliate program.

This is entirely up to you and the level of effort you put in. Our business listing commission start at $17 and go up to $79 per listing depending on which plan your referral signs up too!

We have 4 plans available for businesses – see : for the plans and also information about why businesses should list with us!

Anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Getting Started

Affiliate marketing is all about using your connections to connect with people.  However, it is also about marketing!  As a starting point, you can refer to sites such as TripAdvisor, to create prospect lists.  You can choose your local area, or a dream destination, then select a category to create a list of TripAdvisor’s top 100.  You can then approach each of these businesses with an email, or a call to see if they are interested in listing with us.

Our goal is to build a travel business directory – translated, a directory of businesses that travellers need to know! So bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, hostels, tour suppliers and operators, nightlife and entertainment places and drivers are a good place to start.

Your goal is to approach these businesses and convince them to list on our site!

Once you have your list, you now need to approach businesses!  I suggest an initial email or message on social media, and then follow up.  A sample email could be: “…..Dear XXX Would you like to gain more business exposure and therefore bookings with real travellers?  Wanderlust Travel has launched their website recently and are looking for businesses just like you to list on their site! You may be asking why? well here is a link to their site for you to see: [Insert your personalised link]. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Kind regards XXXX…..”

Log into your affiliate portal, then select marketing and then select affiliate links.  You will have a referral URL which is specific to your affiliate account – this is important as it is what ties the viewer to your referral and therefore how you get paid.  Without this you will not get paid. There is also a specific URL link generator, where you can enter any URL from this website in the form below to generate a referral link!

In the affiliate portal you will find various banners which have been created to add to your blog or social media.  If you have a specific request or idea, please email: and we will endeavour to create your custom content for you.

When you register as an affiliate you will get log in details to the portal.  The first thing you should do is go into your profile and set up your payment details by linking your PayPal account.